Chicago T-shirt

chicago t-shirt skyline

chicago t-shirt skyline chi-town


I’m trying to update this website and I thought to make a nice footer yesterday… I like alot electric power lines so I wanted to do something with it… I ended up liking a lot that I thought it would make a nice t-shirt too, so I did some small changes to the final footer to make a Chicago T shirt even thought the houses and electric poles doesn’t relate too much… :)

I didn’t feel like drawing all this from scratch so  I started browsing through some references pics to use and I applied some curves and black and white filters in Photoshop to make some silhouettes and make a rough collage.

So this is how it started…
I also used one of my photos of the Chicago skyline I took with my phone recently by the Adler Planetarium.


Most of the comp was done on Photoshop and did the final re-drawing on SAI as it makes better lines and its easier to edit them, besides I like that I can make the silhouettes comps I did on Photoshop transparent which I find it very useful, specially to make PNGs.


To make greys into a t-shirt with just a black color, I need to create halftones, sometimes it gets tricky to silkscreen but is still better than creating another 2 separate screens for the grey scales. it would be too much time consuming when just printing one or a few T-shirt as most them are made-to-order.  So this method works perfect and still looks nice…

Chicago T shirt Skyline water tower

Chicago T shirt Skyline water tower

This is what I came out at first but then I liked a lot an electric pole with a lot of wires on it I have on the right side. I moved the water tower on the middle so i can get more of that pole but then again I didn’t like the composition.  so after making quite some changes, I ended up moving the pole that I liked and just leave it like that, even thought I’m not quite happy with it… :)

Here are some other versions of it. I’m still trying to decide which one to use or what should I change. I really like to spray paint into the t-shirts, and create some gradients with the halftones and the paint…  I like the one with the sort of sunset better but the morning or twilight looking and with the stars may fit better so it looks a bit as the Chicago flag… well, I’ll see which one I end up doing…

Chicago T shirt Sunset flag

Chicago T shirt Sunset flag

Chicago flag T shirt skyline tee

Chicago flag T shirt skyline tee


Chicago T shirt skyline tee

Chicago flag T-shirt skyline electric poles