Geisha T-Shirt  And the Great Wave off Kanagawa


Here are some photos while making this Japanese inspired design of a Geisha ( Maiko )with the great wave. It looks pretty similar to my first Siren Geisha shirt I did from one of my drawings.  I really liked that drawing and the great wave so I thought i should make another but a bit better as I didn’t quite like the halftone process I did to the drawing in order to transfer it into a t-shirt. This time, I did all this Illustration on the computer using Photoshop and SAI and nothing was draw on paper as the other one. In fact, I didn’t not even draw the Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa and just apply some effects to the original wood print image and fix some things to make it silk screen friendly. So on this one, I was able to get clean lines instead of the halftone lines and shadings I get by just halftoning the drawing.

It’s the first time I have tried this shading on my designs and I think i should try it more. It’s just basically using some brushes I created on Photoshop and some manga screentones like the one on the the umbrella I got off the internet.  I want to focus my designs more in Japanese themed stuff so I think I need to start making more geisha shirts!. I just wish  have more cool ideas instead of recycling stuff. LOL
geisha-t-shirt-japan-great-wave-nietoairgeisha-t-shirt-great-wave-nietoair-7 geisha-t-shirt-great-wave-nietoair geisha-t-shirt-great-wave-nietoair-airbrush


after being hand Airbrushed with yellow and a bit of orange